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  2. Steam Name: Lucky Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:137517930 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/luckywolfire/ Gamemode: Community Reason banned: I cant remember but I believe it was for toxicity Banned by: Godfather / Gonzalos Date & time of ban: November 2018 Why do you want to be unbanned: I believe that I have served my time of being banned, as it has been 4 years now. id like to make a comeback to the community. Vulcan is the only AU community that hosts active prophunter, deathrun and bhop servers. Myself as a person has changed a lot since I was banned, I was only 16
  3. Personal Questions Steam Username: shadow Steam Community Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DetectiveShadow/ Steam ID (you can find this by going to https://steamid.io.): STEAM_0:1:41093226 Age: 23 Discord Alias: soulceller#8212 Hours on server (you must at least have 30 hours to apply): it says 8 hours, but i know for a fact i have more, ask zed, ive been on this server for awhile. Personal Moderator Questions Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: I've been mod and op and admin on heaps of bhop serve
  4. Hey there! To make this brief, because you have shown no remorse for Map Exploiting, your Ban Appeal has been DENIED. Thanks! Good luck next time~!
  5. Steam Name: Road to admin <----- Steam ID (use https://steamid.io.) STEAM_0:0:116476097 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lord_Zeronious/ Gamemode: Prophunt Reason banned: Map abuse Banned by: Don’t remember Date & time of ban: Don’t remember Why do you want to be unbanned: It’s been a while since my previous banned, I wanna enjoy some prophunt. Evidence (Screenshots, etc.): N/A Additional Information: u bye
  6. Hello my name is Logan Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  7. Personal Questions Steam Username:Spaggle Steam Community Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198163737671/ Steam ID (you can find this by going to https://steamid.io./) Age:23 Discord Alias: ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ♡ 𝙋𝙚𝙣𝙣𝙮 ♡ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ♪#8868 Hours on server (you must at least have 30 hours to apply): 36 Personal Moderator Questions Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: I was an admin to another Prophunt a few years ago (Revlaks Wizard palace). From your perspective, what is a moderator and what is their job on a server? A
  8. Steam Name: skittles Steam ID (use https://steamid.io.) STEAM_0:1:154036445 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198268338619/ Gamemode: everything Reason banned: i was a lowlife then Banned by: goddy Date & time of ban: few years ago Why do you want to be unbanned: i would like to play on an australian server an im not the same person i was then Evidence (Screenshots, etc.): i have no room on my pc for screenshots sorry Additional Information:
  9. Server was thriving up until halves went and gagged the whole server and threw a tantrum. Mans full scared the whole playerbase off
  10. Perfectly clear, Darthguard gotchya! It appears my spots have indeed been naughty naughty
  11. The Applicable Rules in the Rule list are Do not abuse commands (e.g. !unstuck) or use exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Do not exploit the map or leave map boundaries. Hunters must be able to both see and shoot a prop without the use of explosives. If you are unsure about a spot being legal, just ask. In Regard to your Questions So in rooms where you can walk in as a prop, and you're visible and killable, but there is potential for a prop to become unkillable (even if you don't take it), aren't allowed? If there is a potential for the p
  12. You will find I answered you clearly on those, and you did try and make arguments over the ban which is why I brought it up. think about your actions
  13. Yep, so clearly by forum title this wasn’t a discussion on my ban appeal. Back to the original questions I had for some of the senior/experienced staff: So i have come up with some Q's regarding some grey area's for the rules, I'd really appreciate if they can be clarified by someone with experience that can give a definitive - yes/no on these. So in rooms where you can walk in as a prop, and you're visible and killable, but there is potential for a prop to become unkillable (even if you don't take it), aren't allowed? If you're able to parkour to spots, that normal
  14. Regarding your lined out text I did slay and remove you on more than one occasion, You broke the rules and I am beyond aware of the legitimacy of the spots on numerous maps, the one in question was an obvious exploit and is even shown in a full screenshot. - regards again to the screenshot, it is blatantly behind the area of the map that is legally accessible, the one whom killed you was me and you continued to flaunt server rules and are attempting to argue it further more now Legality of spots comes down to multiple factors but boils down to legally accessible spots, regardless of
  15. Godfather

    Ban Appeal

    I was the staff member who issued your ban. A reason was also included. You yourself would see the reason when you try to the join the server. A message would be displayed. We have been informed many times from respected members and staff that you have been constantly breaking rules - meta gaming. For this time, the appeal is denied. You may appeal in 1 months time. This post is now locked.
  16. - Tried to have the discussion on a ban appeal but it was closed a second before i could post the comment... Yep Firstaid this isn't a ban appeal, I just couldn't find another spot in the forums to have this discussion where it wouldn't bring all this stuff in the way of players enjoying the forumn. So the reason I opened this was to have an open discussion on some of the confusing advice I received from both sides like "if your visible and can be killed ur good" and i wanted to clarify all of this. In regards to Bob's post, the angle from the screenshot is deceptive
  17. This will be the final comment on this appeal. I was the one who did the ban, and I gave a reason within its command. I was told by a respected member you had been going out of map. When I connected, people in the game's voice chat were telling you not to do it again. Staff had also mentioned you had been temp banned before for the same reason. I may not have the " evidence " to back all these claims up, but what I heard was clear. Your appeal has been denied. You must wait until the ban is finished. Thanks. This post is now locked.
  18. Wa Ge

    Ban Appeal

    there haven't been multiple blatant instances cause the time you banned you had no evidence and we weren't the places they were in weren't hidden at all I looked saw thing out of place shot you didn't have any evidence, neither of us have commented on your steam profile and I wasn't hostile towards you when you banned us and from what I remember nether was he but i cant vouch for him. With the first guy I was going to make a joke of how blind he was and with the last guy i think that was the last or second last round and we wanted to change the map i didn't remember saying anything to him but
  19. Hi there The decision was made by senior staff after multiple blatant instances of meta gaming of which there is proof Shanksytho had sent to us, The longer ban was a result of essentially the same problem you and Shanksy were temp banned by me, There is definitive proof against you both of which you have continued to break rules , and have also been hostile to staff including myself and commenting on my own steam profile, through harassment of staff, meta gaming and general rule breaking. Staff may not instantly ban some players as further verdict must be reached which was why you recei
  20. Wa Ge

    Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Wa Ge™ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115978277 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Craftyry2/ Game mode: Prop hunt Reason banned: Unknown Banned by: Unknown Date & time of ban: 2nd November time unknown Why do you want to be unbanned: Like playing the server Evidence (Screenshots, etc.): unsure what to put Additional Information: been kicked and banned roughly a week ago for alleged meta gaming with a friend, the kick was i guess a warning we questioned why we were kicked and what evidence he had then we were banned for
  21. Hello, like mentioned earlier by Bob, you have been warned plenty of times by staff and other respected members not to leave map boundaries where you're both inaccessible to others and via exploits like !unstuck. You knew the rules and proceeded to break them too often, you're gonna need to wait out this ban in the meantime.
  22. This will be further addressed but I can vouch that myself and other staff members had caught you red handed breaking map boundaries, ruining rounds for people by doing so, you continued to do so on numerous occasions after being warned by staff not to do so, as well as even have normal players ask you to not do so, these being glaring reasons of you breaking the servers rules constantly, ultimately resulting in your ban. Things like this do not fly, no matter prop size, or if you can be seen, if you break boundaries or obscure your mesh entirely, especially when warned not
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