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  1. The Applicable Rules in the Rule list are Do not abuse commands (e.g. !unstuck) or use exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Do not exploit the map or leave map boundaries. Hunters must be able to both see and shoot a prop without the use of explosives. If you are unsure about a spot being legal, just ask. In Regard to your Questions So in rooms where you can walk in as a prop, and you're visible and killable, but there is potential for a prop to become unkillable (even if you don't take it), aren't allowed? If there is a potential for the p
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  2. Regarding your lined out text I did slay and remove you on more than one occasion, You broke the rules and I am beyond aware of the legitimacy of the spots on numerous maps, the one in question was an obvious exploit and is even shown in a full screenshot. - regards again to the screenshot, it is blatantly behind the area of the map that is legally accessible, the one whom killed you was me and you continued to flaunt server rules and are attempting to argue it further more now Legality of spots comes down to multiple factors but boils down to legally accessible spots, regardless of
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  3. This will be the final comment on this appeal. I was the one who did the ban, and I gave a reason within its command. I was told by a respected member you had been going out of map. When I connected, people in the game's voice chat were telling you not to do it again. Staff had also mentioned you had been temp banned before for the same reason. I may not have the " evidence " to back all these claims up, but what I heard was clear. Your appeal has been denied. You must wait until the ban is finished. Thanks. This post is now locked.
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  4. Perfectly clear, Darthguard gotchya! It appears my spots have indeed been naughty naughty
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