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PropHunters Guide



This is the information thread for the Vulcan Network PropHunters server. Here you can find any important information regarding the PropHunters gamemode, including any small guides for the server.

PropHunters (more commonly known as PropHunt), is hide-and-seek, with a twist: the hiders can imitate inanimate objects to better blend in with their environment! These teams are broken up into two categories: "Team Props" and "Team Hunters".


The Complete guide:

When you connect to the server, you will be automatically watching the current round in progress. You will be dead and you can tell this by pressing and holding tab so you can then see everyone's name on the server.

Like this:



NOTEThe red cross over your avatar as well as your name washed out, indicates if you are alive or dead, you can also see this on other people to see who is left alive etc.


How to play:

When you are in a round, you will either be a "Prop" or "Hunter".

Team Prop:


Props have to hide! You don't want to be killed now do you.

As a prop, you begin the round as a playermodel. You get a 30 second head start to go hide while the hunters are blindfolded. A prop is anything on the map that is not a part of the map itself (so tables and chairs are usually props, while doors and walls are not. Keep in mind that not all props let you copy them, it depends on the map.

There are many objects in a map that a prop can hide as. To select a prop - go up to it and you will see an outline (red meaning you are too far to select it - green meaning you can select it). When the outline is green, press the LMB (left mouse button / left click) and you have now become the object you clicked on! (You can also pick up objects by holding E again).

When you have just turned into a prop, your prop will rotate when you move your mouse. Press C to prevent this from happening, meaning you can look around without your prop having to move!

The smaller the prop, the slower you can move.

Finally, be careful looking around when hunters are nearby. If you would like to give the hunters a clue to your location, press F3 to open up the Taunt Menu.


Team Hunter:


After the props have had 30 seconds to hide themselves, the blindfolds are removed from the hunters, and the hunt is on!

Look for disturbed props (knocked over chairs, broken bottles, etc).

Note that you cannot pick up players hiding as props, so picking up objects is one way to figure out which props are “uninhabited.” Props also cannot be knocked over or pushed around, although a clever player prop will move with you when you try to push them. If you play the same map a few times, you might start to learn the positions and numbers of the map’s props, which will help you spot things that are out of place.

An important thing to keep in mind is that, as a hunter, you cannot just attack props willy-nilly. You lose health every time you attack an “uninhabited” prop, so only do that sparingly. On the other hand, if you shoot a prop and you don’t lose any health, you know that either it’s not a prop (just part of the map) or that it’s a player!


Spectator's Team:


If you need to go AFK (away from keyboard), or if you just want to watch the round rather than play it, then click the Spectator button on the TAB menu on the bottom left as indicated above. Also, if you are in spectator on the last round of a map, and the map changes, on the first round of the next map, a box will appear asking you if you would like to remain in spectator, or if you would like to join the game.



Lastly, if you want to change teams, you can only do so at round start (the first 30 seconds of a round when hunters are blindfolded), and at round end (when the end of round results board is shown). To change teams, press the box of a team on the top of the TAB menu as outlined in green below:





Additional Buttons to press:

F1 - This brings up the help menu. This menu is where you can find out more information about the server, including Donator Information, Server Guide, Rules, Forums, Steam Group, Gametracker, and staff list. 

F3 - This brings up your Taunt Menu. With these you can taunt the opposing team (should you be so confident that you wont get killed in your spot) with a range of taunts to choose from (it also includes the duration of each taunt in seconds). 

F4 - This is the pointshop. With this shop, you can purchase different player models, as well as accessories for your player model, weapons, trails, etc. Some items in the PointShop will have a star on them. This indicates it is a donator only item. Donator information can be found here

F5 - This brings up the PropHunters Player Listing. This menu will display everyone who has played on the server, as well as their total time, and rank. All players will get Member Rank when they reach 25 hours on the server.

F6 - This brings up the PropHunters XP/Level System Menu.

F8 - This brings up the PropHunters Prop Chooser Menu. Currently only available for Donators.

Click Mouse 1 while looking at a prop to disguise yourself!

Press C to lock-rotation, so you won't get spotted in your hiding spot!


Chat Commands:

!3p - This will toggle Third Person mode.

!createflip to create a CoinFlip. !flips to view all current flips.

!css- Missing CSS Textures? This may help. 

!daily - This will open the Daily Rewards menu. 

!discord - The link to our Discord server.

!donate - Donator information. 

!forums - The link to the Vulcan Network Forums.

!motd - Opens up the MOTD.

!rtv - Rock the vote. Use this to call for a map vote.

!shop - Opens up the Pointshop. Also possible via F4.

!steam - This will take you to the Vulcan Network Steam Group.

!stuck - If you get stuck, use this.

!workshop - This will take you to the PropHunters workshop collection.




Vulcan Network PropHunters Level System

In order to level up, you must gain enough XP points which can be done by winning rounds, killing players of the opposite team, as well as completing the tasks that are on the end-of-round results board. See below for more information.

When you win a round as a Prop, you have a chance to gain extra xp for things such as:
- Longest Survivor (Only when last alive) = 50 xp
- Most Movement (You moved around the map the most) = 40 xp
- Least Movement (You moved around the map the least) = 40 xp
- Most taunts (Taunting the most using the F3 Taunt Menu)  = 30 xp

When you win a round as a Hunter you have a chance to gain extra xp for things such as:
- Most kills (For killing the most amount of props) = 50 xp
- First blood (For killing a prop first) = 30 xp
- Angriest player (For shooting the most amount of props) = 10 xp

Additional xp:
- You will receive 5 xp for killing a member of the opposite team.
- The winning team will receive 10 xp.


Below is a list that shows all the levels that are on the PropHunters server. You can check what level you are by pressing TAB to view the scoreboard, or by pressing F6.

0. Starter
Starting Rank

1. Rookie
1,000 exp needed

2. Amateur
2,000 exp needed

3. Decent
3,000 exp needed

4. Average
4,000 exp needed

5. Semi-Pro
5,000 exp needed

6. Professional
6,000 exp needed

7. Master
7,000 exp needed

8. Lord
8,000 exp needed

9. King
9,000 exp needed

10. Infamous
10,000 exp needed

11. Destroyer
15,000 exp needed

12. Eliminator
20,000 exp needed

13. Annihilator
25,000 exp needed

14. Fearless
30,000 exp needed

15. Hound
35,000 exp needed

16. Beast
40,000 exp needed

17. Titan
45,000 exp needed

18. Terminator
50,000 exp needed

19. Emperor
55,000 exp needed

20. Abnormal
60,000 exp needed

21. Beserk
70,000 exp needed

22. Predator
80,000 exp needed

23. Assassin
90,000 exp needed

24. Gruesome
100,000 exp needed

25. Indomitable
110,000 exp needed

26. Omniscient
130,000 exp needed

27. Draconic
150,000 exp needed

28. Demon
170,000 exp needed

29. Satanic
190,000 exp needed

30. Phantom
200,000 exp needed

31. Marvelous
215,000 exp needed

32. Daemon
230,000 exp needed

33. Monarch
250,000 exp needed

34. Fanatic
275,000 exp needed

35. Cultist
300,000 exp needed

36. Bloodthirsty
325,000 exp needed

37. Merciless
375,000 exp needed

38. Ace
400,000 exp needed

39. Unpredictable
410,000 exp needed

40. Impracticable
420,000 exp needed

41. Psychopath
440,000 exp needed

42. Maniac
460,000 exp needed

43. Dangerous
480,000 exp needed

44. Public Enemy
500,000 exp needed

45. Godlike
520,000 exp needed

46. Demi-God
550,000 exp needed

47. God
570,000 exp needed

48. GodKing
600,000 exp needed

49. Etherious
1,200,000 exp needed

50. Vulca
1,500,000 exp needed





Don't break any of the server rules, which you can check over here, and remember that you can apply for staff in the server applications section found here

I hope this has explained everything about PropHunters - have fun and enjoy


About Us

Vulcan Network, established on the 28th January 2018, is primarily a Garry's Mod gaming community that orients itself towards close connections and strong community bonds.

We have a Bunny Hop, Deathrun and PropHunters server. Come check them out sometime.

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