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Basic ULX Chat Commands


== Basic ULX Chat Commands ==


To use these ULX commands, open up the in-game chat (Press Y).

Replace (player name), including the brackets, with the Steam name of the player.


!gag (Player name)
>!gag is used to stop players from using the mic in game. Use !ungag (Player name) to un-gag them.

!mute (Player name)
>!mute is used to stop players from using chat. Use !unmute (Player name) to un-mute them.

!slap (Player name)
>!slap is used to slap people out of places they may be stuck or door blocking

!slay (Player name)
>!slay is only used to kill players. To slay someone type in chat: !slay <Name> Eg: "!slay Freaky"

!bring (Player name)
>!bring is used to bring players to you if they are stuck or blocking off sections of the map

!goto (Player name)
>!goto is used to go to other players

>!cleardecals is used to remove inappropriate sprays

!forcerespawn (Player name)
>!forcerespawn is used to respawn players. Respawning players who load in during setup time is recommended (The first 30 seconds of each round when the Hunters are blinded)

!friends (Player name)
>!friends is used to see whose friends with each other on the server

!spec (Player name)
>!spec is used to force a player into Spectator. A good command to use if a player is AFK

!swap (Player nane)
>!swap is used to forceswap a players team. THIS COMMAND IN ONLY AVAILABLE ON PROPHUNTERS.


(The following commands are preferred to be used through the ULX menu)

>!ban is used to prevent excessive rule breakers and cheats (Make sure to give a reason). To ban someone type in chat: !ban <Name> <Length> <Reason> Eg: "!ban Freaky 1000 Hacking"

>!kick is used to kick rule breakers (Make sure to give a reason). To kick someone type in chat: !kick <Name> <Reason> Eg: "!kick Freaky Micspamming+Buttonspamming"


These powers should be only used when necessary and not abused.

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