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Gmod CSS Missing Textures


If you are here you are more than likely looking for a way to fix your Counter-Strike: Source texture and model related errors.


Before proceeding please download the following list below: 
• Winrar: Winrar Download Directory (Pick the version corresponding to your operating system)
• CS:S Textures Download: CS:S Textures


• First: Make sure that you have downloaded and installed WinRAR so that you can extract the contents of the zip folder.

• Second: Download the CS:S Textures and go to the downloaded compressed file which should be called CSSGameContent. Next right click the folder, and select "Extract to CSSGameContent /", doing this will create a seperate folder.

• Third: Now go to your Steam Library. Right Click "Garry's Mod" and go to Properties --> Local Files --> Browse Local Files. Enter the "garrysmod" folder, than open the "addons" Folder.

• Fourth: Open the contents of the decompiled folder called CSSGameContent that you previously extracted, you should see a folder called CSS_Game_Content.

• Fifth: Now just drag the entire folder called CSS_Game_Content into your addons folder and you will be all set AFTER you close and reopen your Garry's Mod client!


Below will be a video providing a step by step process of how to do what was explained above. 
If you have issue with the steps above please refer to this video.



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