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  1. but... but it's such a good taunt. i'm only 415k away from getting it
  2. awesome guide, (especially considering that I have no idea where the buttons are) regards, - birdie
  3. Making this thread for anyone who wants to share some nice photos that they found or their wallpaper. this is the wallpaper i'm currently using from the game Firewatch. regards, - birdie
  4. Another bug that was found was on dr_industrial I believe. In the autotraps section of the map, the last autotrap is supposed to push you into the wall and kill you. Instead players just fall down to the bottom of the hole and cant get out. Just needs a killzone. (I'll get pictures when I can) Regards, - birdie
  5. just a bird, STEAM_0:0:83509137 and the Deathrun server. thanks, - birdie
  6. nice close up of the mouth there xd
  7. +rep super chill and friendly guy. You're on the server quite frequently and know the rules. Maybe brush up a bit on some commands but other than that I believe that you could do well as a moderator. Regards, birdie
  8. +rep super nice and fun to play with, follows all of the rules. Would make a great mod.
  9. Is that the real Just a Bird!?

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