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  1. Firstly, welcome to the forums. Secondly, this is a great idea especially considering there is no point donation, and generally speaking point grinding in Deathrun is a lot slower than other gamemodes. Thirdly, I already have a Pointshop Betting System compatible with Deathrun that I am happy to send on over to Godfather.
  2. Personal Questions Steam Username: Aeth Steam Community Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Aeraphon Steam ID (you can find this by going to https://steamid.io. STEAM_0:1:33930884 Age: 20 Discord Alias: Aeth#6091 (z) Hours on server (you must at least have 30 hours to apply): ~20h Personal Moderator Questions Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: Administrator for Suspect Gaming TTT and Deathrun. Roughly 2014, server shutdown. Administrator for Monumental Gaming Deathrun.
  3. The new scoreboard is really nice. It's pretty much better than the old one in every way... except for one little thing. With the old scoreboard, you had to click your mouse to get your cursor up and interact with it. This was actually a good thing however, as it meant that until you clicked, all button presses still controlled your character. In other words, you used to be able to open the TAB menu midgame and continue your bhop flawlessly - but the new scoreboard immediately takes away your player control. It's obviously a minor thing, but it's nice quality of life. I'm not the o
  4. Howdy, Currently there is no fall damage on the Deathrun server. It's an effective method in stopping Deaths from avoiding their role via suicide, but it also breaks quite a few traps which rely on fall damage. My suggestion is that (if possible), the no fall damage rule could only be applied to players on the Death team. The only alternative to this is creating a large amount of death zones wherever needed for fall damage traps - but that's a lot more time consuming and would need to be implemented manually for every new map. Either that, or maps just stay with the broken traps.

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