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  1. The Applicable Rules in the Rule list are Do not abuse commands (e.g. !unstuck) or use exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Do not exploit the map or leave map boundaries. Hunters must be able to both see and shoot a prop without the use of explosives. If you are unsure about a spot being legal, just ask. In Regard to your Questions So in rooms where you can walk in as a prop, and you're visible and killable, but there is potential for a prop to become unkillable (even if you don't take it), aren't allowed? If there is a potential for the p
  2. Denied in future use the Unban Template
  3. Hi Deltamations, This would more be suited for the Ban Appeals Section https://www.vulcannetworkau.com/forum/46-ban-appeals/ If you could post in there and follow the template from https://www.vulcannetworkau.com/topic/3-ban-appeal-template/ One of our staff members will get back to you Thanks Darthguard
  4. Just some addon Suggestions TTT_Lifesteal Gun TTT Turtlenade TTT Demonic Possession SuperSheep TTT_Trigger Finger Clip
  5. Gonna be a minus one from me until you get your hours up on the server. Currently says you only have 5hrs and 40mins on the server. Not the 32hrs you said in your application.
  6. Hey Gary, Just to let you know you were banned for continuing to bring up the situation with the other member after you were asked to stop 5 times. You were then warned with a kick and when you continued to bring it up you were warned 3 more times before being banned for a day. The other member was unbanned due to lack of evidence which was explained to you multiple times by 2 moderators. If in future you have problems with members being racist or Pro Nazi please either get screenshots if its over text chat or have a recording if over voice chat. Thanks
  7. Honestly just wanna see pictures of your pets This is Lancelot my Husky
  8. Gonna be a minus one from me due to the lack of effort given in the application, with a number of incorrect answers and a lack of detail on other answers. I may change my response if you fix your application.
  9. Current background at the moment
  10. Exploit is fixed on the duplicate which is called rock v f which is just a updated version
  11. -Rep was doing Freeruns late at night, After Warning Went on Alt and was still doing Freeruns, He is Currently serving 2 day Ban

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