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  1. Hello Pete, U weren't given any permission to impersonate staff and you kept going on about a map and you had half the server chanting it with you... You also gag and mute avoided more than once. Overall... You were being a minge, mic spamming, avoiding gags and mutes, were kicked multiple times and lastly banned. I'm sure that's enough to be banned.... Also please stick to the template :3 74KA Admin
  2. + Rep Seen you playing in-game with others and I like you :3 you're nice and interact with anyone and everyone. But I'm still hung up with the fact you only have 81 gmod hours, but that's okay myself or someone on the staff team can show you when and how to use commands if you don't understand properly :3 I look forward to see you online again :3 Thanks, 74KA Admin
  3. Hello Cambie, You're mod app is good apart from some little errors here and there with some questions. Also when I go to your steam profile you only had 81 hours on gmod (file attached) I haven't seen you on yet either so I really cannot give you a + or - rep. Maybe try and give a little more detail with your answers with some of them as well. With this question here, it seems like you were in a hurry because some of it doesn't make any sense. You also left something out of your answer that was in the question... (vile sprays) Someone is constantly
  4. Hard to read your application, maybe try use a colour or two to make it readable :3
  5. +Rep I've seen you play in-game and have to say you're a very nice person, you're super kind and considerate of others and their gameplay, super keen to have fun with others and have a good time playing in general. You keep your cool and you're also very active. I think you'd honestly be a good staff member. I see that you're keen to play and do what's right. I see you know when to take responsibility for something. You have general understanding of what to do as a staff member and how to do it. If you need any help with anything ask me or
  6. Hello Face, I'm not quite sure how to react with this ban appeal mainly because you should sort out things with Firstaid and Dyoh first. But other than that, I don't think I will + rep or - rep mainly for the fact that I think Dyoh & Firstaid should reply to this first. I would also love to have you unbanned. You were a great Moderator and player on the server until this happened :3 No loss of respect other than I think it shouldn't have taken you several months to realize that it wasn't right to say all those things. People do have actual lives outside of a computer and
  7. Haven't seen you on yet for myself. But however your mod application seems super repetitive and seems like you don't have much knowledge of the way some situations should be handled. Not + Repping or - Repping due to me not seeing you in game yet :3. Also I don't see where your age is listed on the application :3.| To help you out a bit with some things: A Death is pushing all of the buttons before players even get to them. What do you do? and You have received many complaints of someone dodging their duties as a Death. What do you do? For the first one... We do h
  8. +rep Friendly person and has experience on my server when it was up as a staff manager and he did everything that was needed without asking and hes aware of the situation Snake
  9. unfortunately I will not take the -rep back because all the things are true. Best of luck. Nohkey
  10. i am just a snake on there and unfortunately I've had to gag/mute you several times. But anyway best of luck with your application.
  11. nope, you were bullying a little kid and then you have also been rude to many staff and you had to be forced muted and gag the other day.
  12. Personal Questions Steam Username: just a snake Steam Community Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nokkiix/ Steam ID (you can find this by going to https://steamid.io.) STEAM_0:1:70987845 Age: 16 Discord Alias: Nokki#3446 Hours on server (you must at least have 30 hours to apply): 17h Personal Moderator Questions Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: - VulcanDR - Mod - Active - SoupRP T-Mod - Resigned-BleachSB Admin - Server Shutdown-DynastyDR Superadmin - Server (Shutdown)( I don't know if this counts since I ow
  13. -REP Has broken many rules and is very toxic to staff, doesn't care when warned from staff until action is taken upon the situation.

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