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  1. +rep Halves is a well known player on the server. He knows the rules very well and more importantly how to enforce them. He is responsible and has a vast wealth of experience staffing. Mod app is handled with a delicate professionalism. He is active and easy to get along with. I’m glad to see you finally put a mod app up.
  2. Hey. It's ya boi, uhh... Pinny Skenis. I didn't know where to put this so ima chuck it here. The map trials, I personally reckon is pretty fun, but god it is so horrible when there's new people on and they get to the point where you gotta push the buttons. This map i would say has the highest stalemate rate just because of that. SO, i made this up to help anyone who doesn't know which buttons to push. the green dots are the butttons that need to be pressed to activate the next area and the red squares are where the death activated traps are. I ho
  3. Sorry but yet again, the other thread was getting really long with replies. As you can see, there is a massive exploit on the map natur final that needs fixing, with i'd imagine a kill zone or something. Also, if you are able to reset map times on just single maps, then please do that for this map as well after the fix is in place as currently the 3 records were obtained by doing this exploit. (Thank monty for finding this out. I just forgot to record it the first time I did it. Also, this map has a duplicate under a name i can't remember on the serve but i am n
  4. +rep knows the rules, active on the server.
  5. I am absolutely loving the cs:go knives as are everyone frequent in the server, so thanks for those However, I think one of the next knives to come in should be the falchion tiger tooth. Or the set of falchion knives. To go with the other sets of knives. Hope you’ll consider Goodbye, Goodnight. Have a good one, cya later. Love you all, enjoy the server.
  6. Another addition to this beautiful series XD
  7. Joking aside though: -rep. There is proof of you going online when no staff was on and free running with your friend. You get angry and aggressive when you two don’t get the maps you want when staff are offline. You were just harassing staff on the server to give you mod despite the fact you hadn’t followed the template and haven’t earned the position. And to top it off, after a staff member muted you in order to calm you down so you’d stop chat spamming, you proceeded to avoid the punishment by leaving and joining the server straight away. Unfortunate,y, even if you were to follow t
  8. yo yo. ya boi got the proof
  9. Also 0:44 to 0:53
  10. He knows the rules and he's incredibly friendly. Could do well as a mod +1
  11. A rare image of an admin and a manager camping the entrance as a team XD Love you guys XD Goodbye, Goodnight. Have a good one, cya later. Love you all, enjoy the server
  12. I vote that we add a new taunt into the item shop: No; don't do it. From 0:25 to the end. I hope you'll consider this Goodbye, goodnight. Have a good one, cya later. Love you all, enjoy the server.

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