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  1. The `TTT_pacman_v1` has teleporters on it, and when people don't move away from the end point quick enough, people get stuck.
  2. Good to hear people enjoy me being around
  3. Profound Games, STEAM_1:1:39543366, TTT & CONTRIBUTE TO SERVER Discord name: ProfoundGames#1337 <o/
  4. Hey peeps, profound here. Joined last night and really enjoyed the people online thus played for 4 hours straight So decided to introduce myself I'm Profound Games, played GMod for ~1600 hours in the past, mainly TTT. Always enjoyed interacting with others on the server and form. That's all really for now Thanks for reading!

About Us

Vulcan Network, established on the 28th January 2018, is primarily a Garry's Mod gaming community that orients itself towards close connections and strong community bonds.

We have a Bunny Hop, Deathrun and PropHunters server. Come check them out sometime.

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