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  1. Deathrun Moderator Application Template Please answer all of the following questions as best you can and also read the RULES before submitting your application. Here are some tips to consider when applying: Be patient, and do not constantly remind staff members to check your application out. Try and get to know some of the staff members in-game, but please do not be annoying. You are welcome, and encouraged, to bump your thread, but only once a week at least. This shows that you are still keen to help out and have not lost interest. Personal Questions
  2. I am doing this application because 5 players who said I would be a good staff member I didnt want it but a player named gary snail was doing one for me so I wanted to do one just to show that im able to do one myself. I have experience as a staff I was a super admin on a old deathrun server it was always full of people but it was taken down because it was not getting much action and slowly died.

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