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  1. I know who you are, if you have muted me then I do not understand I hardly even speak and when I do it's not toxic. I tell a kid to stop spamming and that counts as bullying and toxic behaviour? I do not care if you keep the -rep just don't write things about me that aren't even about me Thank you for understanding.
  2. Yet again you have mistaken me for my friend, I do not bully kids and I do not remember being muted or gaged on the server, if you can show me proof of this i will gladly apologise for my terrible memory.
  3. I think you're confused you are thinking of my best friend who i play with, I always try to obey rules, I am not toxic to anyone but my friends who know that I am joking I do care when warned because that means I could get kicked or banned and I would not like to lose the ability to play on the server.
  4. Steam Username: fl1pp3r39992713 Steam Community Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198278503824/ Steam ID: STEAM 0:0:159119048 Age: 19 Discord Alias: Krzpi #4836 Hours on server: 38 Hours 44 minutes Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: I've been admin on three of my friends servers and always tried my best to help and guide others. From your perspective, what is a moderator and what is their job on a server? A moderator should help players who are struggling or being harassed, and hopefully prevent proble

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