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  1. Yoyo, so like it did irritate me a whole bunch bc idk why it kept showing me notis while I was on phone on DND, but you still should've stopped while you were ahead and the "kys" was abit much tbh, work been on my ass lately so I haven't been playing much, im all good with an unban unless Firstaid has any issues with it, im not at my pc all too often anymore but yeah ill leave it upto Firstaid.
  2. One of my friends, check his shit out.
  3. Chur, ill jump on now and do while no-ones on.
  4. Accepted, welcome to the team, Trial has commenced.
  5. We'll unban you but u need to wait for the rest of the week ban then u can come back, but to be clear, you will be watched very closely, any more mishaps with staff or other players you will be banned again, for a month and if you come back from that month and continue to minge and fuck around you will be permanently banned from Vulcan servers. Please fix you attitude towards players and staff members and we will be chill with you. You still got 4 days left on your ban before you can come back. chur~
  6. Denied, seeing as you were banned and this isn't taken seriously.
  7. Heard some good shit bout you, keen to see you around bruvva

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We have a Bunny Hop, Deathrun and PropHunters server. Come check them out sometime.

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