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  1. Yooo it’s good to see you back Arooohaaaa (you are totally 100% a 12 year old boy no need to lie) ahaha
  2. Congratulations! You have been accepted as a trial mod, welcome to the team!
  3. Hatoful boyfrienddddddd
  4. Hiya, Issa me, Char. I am the Senior Admin for Deathrun and Murder, and mod for Prophunt. I don't play TTT cause they stinky Hope to see you all around sometime, Yeet.

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Vulcan Network, established on the 28th January 2018, is primarily a Garry's Mod gaming community that orients itself towards close connections and strong community bonds.

We have a Bunny Hop, Deathrun and PropHunters server. Come check them out sometime.

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