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  1. You will find I answered you clearly on those, and you did try and make arguments over the ban which is why I brought it up. think about your actions
  2. Regarding your lined out text I did slay and remove you on more than one occasion, You broke the rules and I am beyond aware of the legitimacy of the spots on numerous maps, the one in question was an obvious exploit and is even shown in a full screenshot. - regards again to the screenshot, it is blatantly behind the area of the map that is legally accessible, the one whom killed you was me and you continued to flaunt server rules and are attempting to argue it further more now Legality of spots comes down to multiple factors but boils down to legally accessible spots, regardless of
  3. Hi there The decision was made by senior staff after multiple blatant instances of meta gaming of which there is proof Shanksytho had sent to us, The longer ban was a result of essentially the same problem you and Shanksy were temp banned by me, There is definitive proof against you both of which you have continued to break rules , and have also been hostile to staff including myself and commenting on my own steam profile, through harassment of staff, meta gaming and general rule breaking. Staff may not instantly ban some players as further verdict must be reached which was why you recei
  4. This will be further addressed but I can vouch that myself and other staff members had caught you red handed breaking map boundaries, ruining rounds for people by doing so, you continued to do so on numerous occasions after being warned by staff not to do so, as well as even have normal players ask you to not do so, these being glaring reasons of you breaking the servers rules constantly, ultimately resulting in your ban. Things like this do not fly, no matter prop size, or if you can be seen, if you break boundaries or obscure your mesh entirely, especially when warned not
  5. Been fantastic over the last month know a lot of the team and player base and have applied for mod ! Hope to speak more Goddy !
  6. I hope you’re all well and it’s lovely playing with all you other players and the staff team , Especially being in lockdown playing on Vulcan Network helps keep some level of sanity ! lovely to be meeting more of you all , hope you’re all coping and safe through everything going on in the world
  7. Steam Username: Not Epic Aussie Bob Steam Community Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/whatsgoodmate66/ Steam ID: 76561198451094866 / whatsgoodmate66 Age: 18 Discord Alias: GoochieMane#9273 Hours On Server (Must Have 30 hours): 40 Hours Personal Moderator Questions: Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: I have previously admin'd and moderated social discord servers as well a local connection based PvP Minecraft server, which has helped me gain knowledge and experience into what the role can entail.

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