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  1. the only reason i have low play time is because when i was younger i used to play then i got a new pc and forgot the details so i had to make a new steam but thanks for the words
  2. I've tried to fix it up please let me know if you think this is better, thanks for the advice
  3. Steam Username: CambieMan Steam Community Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199175177594/ Steam ID 76561199175177594 Age:16 Discord Alias:CambieMan Hours on server (you must at least have 30 hours to apply): 54 hours( the little time on garrys mod is only because I had another steam account when I was younger but when I got a new pc I forgot the details so I made a new one account) Personal Moderator Questions Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: I've only once been a moderator on a RP server but

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Vulcan Network, established on the 28th January 2018, is primarily a Garry's Mod gaming community that orients itself towards close connections and strong community bonds.

We have a Bunny Hop, Deathrun and PropHunters server. Come check them out sometime.

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