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  1. Wa Ge

    Ban Appeal

    there haven't been multiple blatant instances cause the time you banned you had no evidence and we weren't the places they were in weren't hidden at all I looked saw thing out of place shot you didn't have any evidence, neither of us have commented on your steam profile and I wasn't hostile towards you when you banned us and from what I remember nether was he but i cant vouch for him. With the first guy I was going to make a joke of how blind he was and with the last guy i think that was the last or second last round and we wanted to change the map i didn't remember saying anything to him but
  2. Wa Ge

    Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Wa Ge™ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115978277 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Craftyry2/ Game mode: Prop hunt Reason banned: Unknown Banned by: Unknown Date & time of ban: 2nd November time unknown Why do you want to be unbanned: Like playing the server Evidence (Screenshots, etc.): unsure what to put Additional Information: been kicked and banned roughly a week ago for alleged meta gaming with a friend, the kick was i guess a warning we questioned why we were kicked and what evidence he had then we were banned for

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