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ArohaTheStrange's Mod Application

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Personal Questions:
Steam Username: ArohaTheStrange
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42875165
Age: 26
Discord Alias: ArohaTheStrange#8022
Current Rank on Server (Must be member or higher):
1 day and 10 hours [ as of filling out this Application ] and Respected Rank
Personal Moderator Questions:
Do you have any previous staffing experience: NO
From your perspective, what is a moderator and what is their job on a server:
A Moderator is someone who plays the game just as equally as everyone else, but their job is to ensure everyone is keeping to the rules and not being rude/distracting to other players.
What can you bring to Vulcan Prop Hunt:
Someone who can actually be bothered to do their job without payment lmao. Course I'll do my best to keep everything fun and content, taking things seriously 24/7 isn't fun 😩
General Moderator Questions:
1) A person joins the server and begins to mic / text chat spam. What do you do?
I would tell them in chat that Mic/Chat spamming is not ok. If ignored, would repeat in Mic. If ignored again, tell them they have received an official warning. If still being an ass, ban.
2) What is ghosting?
Someone who gives hints without permission to where a Prop Player is hiding.
3) What is metagaming?
Similar to ghosting. Typically two friends who are on the opposite teams, and the one who is a Prop Player who has died, is telling their Hunter friend where the others are. Usually communicated outside of the game, like a voice call.
4) If a player is teamswitching, what should you do?
It's fine if they do it the first 30 seconds of the very first Round/after joining. [ I think ]. If it's constant, or they do it to be with friends and making the Teams uneven, force switch them back and give a chat and mic warning. If they continue, ban.
5) Someone is constantly asking for points and annoying other players. What do you do?
Let them know that it is against the rules to ask other Players for Points, and warn them to stop. If they continue, ban.
Basic Command Questions:
1) What is the difference between !mute and !gag
Mute is used to block someone from using Chat. Gag is used to silence someone in Mic. [ honestly I had to ask Barry cries ]
2) If someone is stuck, what command do you use to teleport them to you:
!tp or !bring, then allow them time to hide again if they are a Prop Player.
3) What does !p do:
Using this command with a Player's Steam Name and message will send a private message.
4) Someone is constantly abusing players and staff members with no intention to stop, as well as having vile sprays. What command(s) is/are used in this situation:
Key bins would be used with pre-saved messages of what the rules/warnings are, along with telling the Player to stop in Chat/Mic. ASk them to change their Spray, otherwise cover it with your own. If all is ignored, ban.
5) In what situations should the !slay command be used:
If a Player or Moderator has been AFK for too long.
Anything else you want to add?
The only real reason I'm suddenly active, is cause I don't have any art projects going on at the moment. I may become inactive in the server again for a while, but I'll still most likely be on Discord, so just hit me up if you need me for anything Mod-wise 👌

Thank you for taking a glance!

- Aroha x
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