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Tiphaniee's Moderator Application

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Personal Questions

Steam Username:


Steam Community Profile Link:


Steam ID:




Discord Alias:


Hours on server:

35 Hours


Personal Moderator Questions

Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience:

Suspect Gaming - Moderator for Deathrun/TTT/DarkRP

Monumental Gaming - Moderator for Deathrun/Bhop

From your perspective, what is a moderator and what is their job on a server?

A moderator is a member of staff which enforces the rules of the server, stopping the experience of other players being ruined by those trolling on the server.

What can you bring to Vulcan Network Deathrun?

I will be able to offer an active player with more than enough experience staffing deathrun servers.


General Moderator Questions

A person joins the server and begins to mic/text chat spam. What do you do?

I would gag/mute the individual. After a few rounds of being gagged/muted, I will remove the command. If they persist after this they will be kicked. More severe punishments will be put in place if they return and continue.

A Death is pushing all of the buttons before players even get to them. What do you do?

If a death is button spamming I would give them a warning, if they ignore the warning and continue I will slay them and warn them that if they continue to button spamming more serious consequences will apply.

You have received many complaints of someone dodging their duties as a Death. What do you do?

If someone is death avoiding, i will warn the player against it and punish them to repeat the next round as a death. If they continue to death avoid, more serious consequences will apply.

A player has somehow managed to exploit the map. What do you do?

I would immediately slay the player and inform them of the rule surrounding the matter. If they continue to exploit the map, more serious consequences will apply.

Someone is constantly asking for points and annoying other players. What do you do?

I would warn them of the rule surrounding this matter, if they continue to ask for point i will gag/mute them. If they persist after being un-gagged/muted, more serious consequences will apply.


Basic Command Questions

What is the difference between !mute & !gag?

Mute stops players from being able to type in chat.

Gag stops players from being able to use their mics.

If someone is stuck in a trap, what command do you use to teleport them to you?

I would use !bring or !teleport

What does !p do?

This command sends a private message to a particular player (!p <playersname>)

Someone is constantly abusing players and staff members with no intention to stop, as well and having vile sprays. What command(s) is/are used in this situation?

I would use the !ban command. The ban length will depend on the severity of the abuse (12 - 48 hours)

In what situations should the !slay command be used?

If a death is button spamming

If a player is exploiting the map

When someone is AFK and holding up the rest of the server from moving onto the next round

If a person who is stuck in a trap should be dead


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