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Pasta Ssempa

Ban Appeal

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Username: Pasta Ssempa


Hey guys - I got an autoslay for 2 rounds for a RDM which is far, however I think I was AFK or something and I disconnected from the server which has now banned me for a week :/

I play on the server most days, was just wondering if this can be reversed? I'm totally cool with a couple of autoslays to start the round but I think a week isn't fair seeing as I didn't actually leave the server (not sure how I got disconnected though)


Thanks guys

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Hey there Pasta, I'd given you a fair few warnings on revenge kills before and I had given you plenty of warnings in both text and voice chat before issuing the ban, I had given you a warning a round before you were banned last night.
This isn't an RDM +leave situation but a ban over how you've behaved in game, not noticing my warnings after I'd told you not to continue killing people after being RDM'ed the round before. If somebody kills you wrongly, report them and me or the other staff will deal with it. Please try not to take matters into your own hands. You'll have to wait out this ban unfortunately, but it's only a week and it'll go by quick

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