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Hey guys, most of you know me as ShiFT but my irl name is Martin. I've been a part of Vulcan for three years and have done some on off Moderating between Prophunt, TTT and DeathRun.

Outside of the community I enjoy playing games such as Terraria, Company of Heros, Town of Salem and Rome total war.


In real life I am a 17 year old guy who enjoys playing sports (particularly cricket and soccer), doing theatre and acting, and cheering people up.


If you ever see me around on any of the servers feel free to say hi or even chuck me a message on steam and I will try my best to reply.


Thanks for reading, cya 

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Vulcan Network, established on the 28th January 2018, is primarily a Garry's Mod gaming community that orients itself towards close connections and strong community bonds.

We have a Bunny Hop, Deathrun and PropHunters server. Come check them out sometime.

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