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Abused by Moderator and wrongfully banned

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  • Your Steam name: Gary Snail Rustchance
  • Your Steam ID: 76561198296128627
  • Your Steam Link: http://www.steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198296128627
  • Your in-game name: Gary Snail Rustchance
  • Staff members name: Snake
  • When did this happen: Approx 8:45 NZST
  • What happened: I was falsely banned for bringing up a situation that happend earlier where a member was being racist and pro Nazi and then who an admin banned. I come on later to see he is unbanned and then get banned for asking questions why he is ubanned. I assume this is acceptable behaviour on the server as 2 Moderators were attacking me for speaking against him being unbanned.
  • What server was this on: Deathrun
  • Screenshots (if you have any): https://gyazo.com/64156d801fc4ae6093045efc9fb3341f
  • Videos (if you have any): Have None
  • Witnesses: Cheeky17
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Hey Gary, 


Just to let you know you were banned for continuing to bring up the situation with the other member after you were asked to stop 5 times. You were then warned with a kick and when you continued to bring it up you were warned 3 more times before being banned for a day.

The other member was unbanned due to lack of evidence which was explained to you multiple times by 2 moderators. 

If in future you have problems with members being racist or Pro Nazi please either get screenshots if its over text chat or have a recording if over voice chat.





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