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Moderator Application Rules

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Application Rules

When applying, you automatically acknowledge that your answers are your own and not plagiarised from somewhere else. If you are found to have plagiarised your application, then you will automatically be denied and cannot re-apply again.

If your application is denied, you cannot re-apply until one week later.


General Information

  • Applications may take up to 3 weeks to be accepted/denied.
  • If you ever nag/whine/pester staff to look at your application or to give you staff, your application will be denied.
  • Constructive criticism will be given by the community and staff members.
  • A voting system will be in place so that the general community can upvote/downvote your application (but see next point).
  • The voting system does not dictate whether an application will be accepted/declined as that is the role of the senior staff members.
  • The voting system is to give an idea of how the public would feel about particular individuals becoming a staff member. 


When responding to Applications...

  • Give constructive criticism (it must help the applicant understand something they have done wrong), it can not be random hate.
  • Make your own judgments.
  • Spamming applications without proper constructive comments will result in a possible ban.


If you are accepted...

  • Your duties as a moderator will be made clear to you.
  • You have accepted the responsibility of being an active and mature moderator.
  • You acknowledge that you will be fair in your judgement of scenarios and will not show any bias.
  • You will receive your moderator rank within the hour of an accepted application.
  • You acknowledge that abusing your powers will result in your demotion (and possible ban).
  • Do not boast about your staff position.


If you are denied...

  • Know that you are able to apply again one week after the denial.
  • Take into consideration any criticism given and use of the comments made to adjust your new application accordingly. 
  • Know that the staff team does not hate you, perhaps your application was lacking some aspects, or your answers were too harsh (feel free to contact Senior Staff about any queries in relation to denied applications).
  • Do not complain to other members of the community as this will make you look immature. 


The final verdict of an application is made by the Senior Staff team. Any complaints about an unfair/unjustified verdict should be directed towards a Senior Staff member. 

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