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Server update 27-8-2020

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Today bhop has had a significant back-end update to the way it handles player time data as part 2 of a 5 part migration. 

It is in the stage of live-server testing, meaning that while everything is mostly working, there is a possibility that errors can occur.
Because of this we would really appreciate if players are understanding of any short-term data loss while on the new system while any bugs or problems are being addressed.
In the worst case scenario the old database has been backed-up today midday, which we can restore.

Currently I am working on a fix for the record time displayed in the hud;
Shows up as:
Should show up as: 
Note. opening the !wr menu adds the record to the hud if you still want this feature

Any other bugs or issues players are having should either be posted on the forums on dm'd to my discord at: akers/sheep#9186

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