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Murder Changelog - SERVER CLOSED

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* Scoreboard:

     - changed top right message to current map name

* End round board:

     - added a 5 second timer to close the menu

     - added visual close timer (also a button that closes the board)

     - removed melon bomber add 


* Scoreboard:

- changed kills and deaths to only update at round end. 

* Bug fixes for bind menu and chat edits. 


* radar added, requirements for activation:

     - 3 alive or less (including murderer)

     - murderer holding knife

     - radar updates every 10 seconds, creates a red circle 

* added two point shop power-ups for radar:

     - makes the radar update twice as frequent (5 secs), 5000 points.

     - makes the radar activate earlier (5 alive), 5000 points. 


* point shop power-ups:

     - armor now has a chance of spawning rather than always spawning.

     - armor set to a 30% chance of spawning. 

~ By @Cptn.Sheep

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* Scoreboard:
     - added feature so that staff an identify players names easier

* Commands:
     - added two new commands: "ttt_radio" and "mu_radio" (do the same thing), tries to mimic ttt functionality
     - radio args:

"traitor" or "murderer" : _player_ is the murderer!
"imwith" : Im with _player_
"suspect" : _player_ acts suspicious.
"innocent" or "bystander": _player_ is an innocent bystander.
"see" : I see _player_
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