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Devon Larratt

Discord and Server Unban

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  • Steam Name: Devon Larratt (it was MyFaceLicksFaces, I'll probably end up changing it back soon.)
  • Steam ID (use https://steamid.io.)  STEAM_0:0:11101
  • Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198205459199/
  • Gamemode: All I think
  • Reason banned: Talking trash to staff
  • Banned by: I pissed off Dyoh, it doesn't show by who but I'm guessing he did it.
  • Date & time of ban: I was messaging him at 1/27/21
  • Why do you want to be unbanned: I was rightfully banned but for a very stupid reason, I was being extremely immature for no reason I should've just listened to him and left him alone. I enjoyed playing on the Vulcan Network, I even was a Moderator for a few months. I've come back to garry's mod recently and want to make a fresh start. I used to be a Moderator for the Deathrun server on Vulcan and I believe I made a positive impact. I think I should be forgiven because I've matured over these past 9 months, I want to continue playing on the Vulcan network and continue helping players, even if it isn't as a moderator. Me attacking Dyoh in DM's was extremely immature and it all happened in just one night, out of impulse, I had no hatred towards Dyoh before this, I respected him on the server and we both played together. I know that this will never happen again, and I want to go back to bringing positivity to the Vulcan Network, and that is why I hope I can be forgiven.
  • Evidence (Screenshots, etc.): Attatched
  • Additional Information: I want to appologise to Dyoh if he reads this, as well as to Firstaid. I was spamming him and being annoying and rude for absolutely no reason. It was stupid of me and I've definitely matured over these passed months that I've been banned. 



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reason to be forgiven
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Hello Face,
I'm not quite sure how to react with this ban appeal mainly because you should sort out things with Firstaid and Dyoh first.

But other than that, I don't think I will + rep or - rep mainly for the fact that I think Dyoh & Firstaid should reply to this first.

I would also love to have you unbanned. You were a great Moderator and player on the server until this happened :3
No loss of respect other than I think it shouldn't have taken you several months to realize that it wasn't right to say all those things.

People do have actual lives outside of a computer and even what you did can put a lot of stress on them just by saying something like that,

so please re-think the actions you've done and give them proper apologies. People are very busy outside of games and they could already have a lot of stress

and issues and use games to escape, which I know some of us do. :3

I won't be posting my reply with a + or - rep until I've heard from Dyoh and Firstaid about it. :3

I hope you understand what I'm saying here.

Thank you.





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Yoyo, so like it did irritate me a whole bunch bc idk why it kept showing me notis while I was on phone on DND, but you still should've stopped while you were ahead and the "kys" was abit much tbh, work been on my ass lately so I haven't been playing much, im all good with an unban unless Firstaid has any issues with it, im not at my pc all too often anymore but yeah ill leave it upto Firstaid.

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