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Road to Admin

Reason for Ban?

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  • Steam Name: Road to admin <-----
  • Steam ID (use https://steamid.io.) STEAM_0:0:116476097
  • Steam Profile Link:  https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lord_Zeronious/
  • Gamemode: Prophunt
  • Reason banned: Literally no idea
  • Banned by: I believe the same person that denied my mod request, can not sure tho.
  • Date & time of ban: No clue
  • Why do you want to be unbanned: N/A
  • Evidence (Screenshots, etc.): Yep, so mainly I just want to know what sort of any evidence and warnings etc, that were issued to me b4 my ban? As a donator/ recently frequent player on the server i got banned, so would appreciate some evidence + reason for this one?
  • Additional Information: <3 u bye
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This will be further addressed but I can vouch that myself and other staff members had caught you red handed breaking map boundaries, ruining rounds for people by doing so, you continued to do so on numerous occasions after being warned by staff not to do so, as well as even have normal players ask you to not do so, these being glaring reasons of you breaking the servers rules constantly, ultimately resulting in your ban. 


Things like this 20211015221820_1.jpg?width=1202&height=676

do not fly, no matter prop size, or if you can be seen, if you break boundaries or obscure your mesh entirely, especially when warned not to do so, you will wind up facing penalties


Sincerely Bob

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Hello, like mentioned earlier by Bob, you have been warned plenty of times by staff and other respected members not to leave map boundaries where you're both inaccessible to others and via exploits like !unstuck.
You knew the rules and proceeded to break them too often, you're gonna need to wait out this ban in the meantime.

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This will be the final comment on this appeal.

I was the one who did the ban, and I gave a reason within its command. I was told by a respected member you had been going out of map. When I connected, people in the game's voice chat were telling you not to do it again. Staff had also mentioned you had been temp banned before for the same reason.
I may not have the " evidence " to back all these claims up, but what I heard was clear.

Your appeal has been denied. You must wait until the ban is finished.


This post is now locked.

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