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A second mod application from Blaps_

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  • Steam Username: willehafton      (but my current alias is Blaps_).
  • Steam Community Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Blaps_
  • Steam ID (you can find this by going to https://steamid.io.) :STEAM_0:1:560087603
  • Age : 15
  • Discord Alias: #5440 Blaps_
  • Hours on server (you must at least have 30 hours to apply): I can't see at the moment due to gmod not being downloaded yet, but I had 42 when I first applied.


  • Explain with detail any previous Moderator or Admin experience: I was a mod for the vulcan prophunt servers a while ago.
  • From your perspective, what is a moderator and what is their job on a server? : they try to keep things fun and fair by stopping people from breaking rules.
  • What can you bring to Vulcan Network PropHunters? : a mod for the prophunt server and hopefully a fairer game while I'm around.


  • A person joins the server and begins to mic/text chat spam. What do you do? : tell them that this is against the server rules and that if they do it again they will be gagged/ muted.
  • What is ghosting? : someone in spectator or prop's team giving the hunters clues as to where people as props are via ingame chat.
  • What is metagaming? : is similar to ghosting but it happens in a pm via discord or similar program and it's not just hints.
  • List three different ways a prop can hide illegally: anywhere they cannot be seen and shot, out of the map and not anywhere people can only get to via !unstuck
  • A player is found to be hiding in places where they cannot be killed. What do you do? : tell them the spot is against the rules and why, teleport  them out if they don't move, make sure they don't hide there again via spectator, and if they do it again kick them from the server.
  • A player has somehow managed to exploit the map. What do you do? : tell them that they aren't allowed to do that and teleport them back to inside the map. I would tell a admin or senior admin about the exploit and how they did it (if I knew).
  • Someone is constantly asking for points and annoying other players. What do you do?  : tell them to stop spamming chat as this can result in them being gagged/ muted, recommend the gambling feature and that we can't give them points. if they keep annoying players i gag/mute them.


  • What is the difference between !mute & !gag? : mute is for the chat and gag is for voice chat.
  • If someone is stuck, what command do you use to teleport them to you?  : !bring / !tp.
  • What does !p do? : sends a private message to the player you specify.
  • Someone is constantly abusing players and staff members with no intention to stop, as well and having vile sprays. What command(s) is/are used in this situation? warn them, gag / mute them, cleardecals to remove the spray and kick them if they continue.
  • In what situations should the !slay command be used? maybe if they are breaking a rule for the second time, you can have them dead while you kick them as to stop them from ruining game for others.
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